Handmade Leather Dress Shoes

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Handmade leather dress shoes are such types of footwear that are made so meticulously by the artisans that their original essence remains intact. These shoes are made by skilled artisans and it involves a time-consuming process, instead of producing through machines. These shoes are known for their top-notch craftsmanship quality, detailed attention, and the usage of the best quality materials. In the present day, handmade dress shoes made up of leather are very popular among men, especially those who are shoe enthusiasts and prefer to have at least one of all types of shoes in their collection, and by doing so they want to enhance their collection of shoes.  

What are the Key Characteristics of Handmade Leather Dress Shoes?

Handmade dress shoes made up of leather are known for their unique design and durability. Below, we have mentioned some of the key characteristics of these shoes, these include – 


These handmade shoes are made so carefully and with precision by skilled artisans that they become unique in the world of shoes. These artisans always follow traditional shoemaking techniques instead of relying on the modern process where all shoes are made by machine. They assemble each pair so carefully and give special emphasis while stitching that it becomes perfect at the end of the process. They always try to maintain the quality of uniqueness in every shoe.

Qualitative Materials

In making handmade dress shoes of leather, high-quality materials are used. Here, artisans prefer to use full-grain leather, especially cowhide. Full-grain leather is known for its durability, original texture, and the natural ability to develop a unique patina as you start using it.

Procedure of Construction

Artisans apply several methods while making handmade dress shoes made up of leather; these include - Black stitch, hand-sewn method, etc. These all methods contribute to the longevity and the amendment process of the shoes. 


Artisans of handmade leather dress shoes most of the time offer customization. Here, customers are given the opportunity to choose the type of leather, colour option, design, type of sole, and other design elements in order to create a personalized pair of leather dress shoes.

Handmade Leather Dress Shoes


Handmade dress shoes made up of leather are typically designed to provide the ultimate comfort to the users. In that regard, artisans pay special attention to the fittings and the art of making the shoes. Its main aim always remains to give a comfortable experience to the users.

Why Should You Wear a Handmade Dress Shoes of Leather?

Choosing handmade leather dress shoes always provides exceptional benefits to the user and the decision to choose them completely depends on the preference of quality, unique design, craftsmanship, etc. Here, premium quality materials are used, like -full grain leather that provide durability and ultimate comfort to the users. It does not only provide comfort but also develops a distinctive patina as you start wearing it. Its manual crafting process includes subtle variation and characteristics that makes it different from other types of shoes. Its uniqueness helps individuals to be the cynosure of any occasion. 


I hope after reading the blog you have got a clear idea regarding handmade leather dress shoes. These shoes are designed in such a way that easily draws the attention of any shoe enthusiast. If you are thinking of buying a handmade dress shoe that is made up of leather, then you don't need to wonder anymore, here you will get a plethora of collections at an attractive range. So, just visit the website and pick your favourite handmade dress shoes and add it to the cart, then set the delivery address and place an order by paying the amount. Your work is done, and now within the stipulated time, you will get your preferred footwear on your doorstep. So, why are you waiting then, order now!

FAQs for Handmade Leather Dress Shoes


Q1. How handmade dress shoes made up of leather are different from other types of shoes? 

A1. Generally, handmade dress shoes that are made up of leather are built by skilled artisans who have a long experience in this particular profession. As a result, they use a higher level of craftsmanship and attention while making a pair of shoes. 

Q2. Do you think handmade dress shoes that are made up of leather are more comfortable to wear?

A2. Of course! Handmade dress shoes are known to offer a higher level of comfort just because they are made with so obviousness that easily fit the foot. Here, artisans pay special attention to its detailing section, like - the quality of material that is used, stitching, etc, and these all enhance the overall comfort of the shoes.

Q3. How to take care of handmade leather shoes?

A3. Taking care of handmade dress shoes that are made up of leather is very easy and it includes the usage of a soft brush for removing the dirt, an appropriate leather conditioner, etc. Always remember that handmade dress shoes must be kept in a cool and dry place. While cleaning it, don't forget to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to get the best results.

Q4. Can you resole leather dress shoes? 

A4. Most handmade dress shoes that are made up of leather are constructed with such designs that are resolable. It allows the users to change the sole according to their preference and it helps in expanding the lifespan of the footwear. In this regard, don't forget to consult with the manufacturer or professional cobbler while resoling.

Q5. Which types of leather are generally used in making handmade dress shoes?

A5. In making handmade dress shoes, artisans generally rely on high-quality, full-grain leather. These types of leather are known for being durable, and it has the natural ability to develop a patina over time.