Grab Your Favourite Oxford Derby Leather Shoes Mens Now and Increase Your Style Statement!

Grab Your Favourite Oxford Derby Leather Shoes Mens Now and Increase Your Style Statement!

Oxford Derby leather shoes mens are a classic style of shoes that are specially designed to be paired up with formal dresses. Here, we must know that Oxford shoes are characterized by a closed lacing system. These shoes are considered to be more formal shoes that can be worn on business and formal occasions. 

On the other hand, Derby shoes are another type of stylish shoe for men. Here, you will find an open lacing system. Derby shoes are considered to be less formal than Oxford type of shoes. You can wear a Derby shoe on any kind of casual occasion.

What are the Key Features of Oxford Derby Leather Shoes Mens?

Oxford and Derby shoes, both are made up of genuine leather and these are popular among men just for their unique design, comfortability, and durability. Below, we have mentioned some of the key features of Oxford Derby leather shoes, these include –


Generally, Oxford Derby shoes are made up of full-grain leather that is known for their quality and the ability to take the size of the users; it enhances the appearance of the shoes.

Lacing System

In Oxford shoes, you will find a closed lacing system, i.e. here you will find the eyelet tabs under the vamp, on the other hand, in Derby shoes, you will find an open lacing system, where you will find the eyelet tabs on the top of the vamp.


In Oxford leather shoes, you will find a more formal and refined type silhouette. Here the presence of decorative elements is very minimal. It has a cap-toe or wingtip style. On the other hand, Derby leather shoes come with unique designs and styles that make them different from other types of shoes.


Oxford and Derby leather shoes mens are considered to be formal shoes and they can be worn in any business meeting, formal occasion, professional setting, etc. According to your preference, you can pair your Oxford Derby shoes with your favourite attire.

Derby Leather Shoes Mens

Various Colour Options 

Both Oxford and Derby shoes come with various colour options that make them unique in the world of leather shoes. Here, you will get various shades of black, blue, brown, burgundy, mat black, navy blue, ice blue, and many more. You can wear black Oxford Derby shoes on a formal occasion. The brown Oxford derby shoes are apt for both formal and business occasions.

Why Should You Choose Oxford Derby Leather Shoes?

The preference of wearing Oxford Derby leather shoes mens completely depends on the occasion that you are going to attend. These are such types of shoes that will surely expose your personality and enhance your style statement at the zenith. You must wear Oxford Derby leather shoes for their elegant designs, which make them apt for any formal event, business meetings, or semi-casual events. Here, you will get versatile colour options that can be paired up with your preferred outfits. The most important aspect of this footwear is its comfortable fittings, which makes them a comfortable option for individuals who have wider feet or who prefer to wear looser fit.


I hope after reading the blog you have got a clear idea regarding Oxford Derby leather shoes mens in detail. These leather shoes are specially designed for men who prefer to wear premium quality shoes with an elegant look. If you are a lover of Oxford Derby shoes, then it is going to be apt for you. These boots are specially designed in such a way that can be paired with any occasion, i.e. both formal and semi-formal outfits. So, now if you are worried about thinking which would be the best option with a formal outfit, then you can rely on an Oxford Derby shoe without any doubt. So, don't feel puzzled, just choose your favourite pair of shoes and add it to the cart and place an order without wasting any moment.

FAQs for Oxford Derby Leather Shoes Mens


Q1. Can you wear Oxford derby shoes for any occasion?

A1. Of course! Oxford derby shoes are known for being formal footwear. These shoes are more formal in their unique lacing style, and it makes the shoes one of the most preferred choices for every formal event with business attire.

Q2. What kind of leather is used in making Oxford derby shoes?

A2. In making Oxford derby shoes, high-quality, and full-grain leather is used. Here, full-grain leather is used just because of its durability level and it has a natural appearance that makes it apt for every occasion.

Q3. Can you wear Oxford Derby shoes with casual outfits?

A3. Generally, oxford derby shoes are known to be formal shoes, but different variants are made up of suede or different types of leathers, that can be worn with any kind of dress, whether it is casual or semi-casual and these are apt for any occasion.

Q4. How to take care of your Oxford Derby leather shoes? 

A4. Generally, taking care of your Oxford Derby leather shoes is very easy and does not take much time. It involves a cleaning process where a soft brush, a damp cloth, etc is required. First, remove all the dirt with the brush and clean the shoes with a damp cloth, then use a qualitative leather conditioner. Make sure that you are storing the shoes in a proper place in order to maintain their shape and longevity.

Q5. Will you get different colour options in Oxford Derby Shoes?

A5. Of course! You will get a plethora of colour options while buying Oxford Derby leather shoes. If you are looking for formal shoes, then you will get black, or brown, or if you are looking for casual or semi-casual footwear, then lighter shades are available.